Do not see God through a pastor

6 Feb 2017

Today people of God have shiffed their faith from God to Their pastors who has chained their minds to see God through them.i encourage you today to look for God directly that was the reason Jesus Christ came to earth to die for you and i. Refuse to be intimidate by end time sermon.Read your Bible daily and pray God to reveal himsef to you and your faith start to grow when you start seeing God yourself.

if you are bless with this message please share and let someone be set free from the bondage of endtime pastors.

God bless u.

Evangelist Franco


4 Feb 2017

Beloved christians,

I am writing you this message as revealed to me in a dream.

I saw myself in a market place and in this market it consist of people selling and buying all sorts of goods and commodities.

Then,i observed that some people were dressed like the moslems with their long swords hidden in their backs thought busy buying and selling but very vigilant. The other dressed like normal people who i believed are Christians also busy buying and selling but carelessly moving up and down. They can not rise to defend themselves should there be any eventuality.

The Message is a warning to christian to be vigilant.

Though the Bible admonish us to fight spiritually ((For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) This is a spiritual warfare the Bible is talking about. What about the physical warfare? What are the church leaders doing about it? it is sad that the church leaders has enriched themselves with the funds God give them to build disciples and God is going to as them for it.

What are the church leaders doing about the general evil pesecution and killing of Christians all over the world?What have they done to assist?

Beloved in Christ, is time to wake-up. Its time to stand our ground against the devil.The Bible says Risist the Devil and he will flee. We Christian must resist the Devil in all ramifications by Submitting ourselves to God fully (Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you James 7v4.)

There is a dinominational embargo laid by Satan to fight and divid the Church of Christ Jesus. Church leaders is time to preach unity among churches. We must see our fellow Christians as brothers and sisters not only people from your local dinomination.

I want to read your comments and recommendations.

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Yours in Christ Jesus,

Social media evangelist.

Evangelist Franco.